• Andrea Guillou
  • Martyn Cohu
  • 2013 Island Champions
  • Cobo United Team Winners
  • Stranger Cup Team Winners 2018
  • Andrea Guillou - Island 10m Champion 2012 (North United Trophy)
  • Martyn Cohu
  • Paul Guillou & Jack Hanca Island Champions 2014
  • Cobo United
  • Cobo United's winning team Stranger Cup 2018. Paul Guillou, James Ruddy, Euan Robert, Jordan Guillou and Andrea Guillou.

The Cobo United Air Rifle Club (CUARC) was founded in 1900 and had a few locations in the Cobo area in the early years. However they eventually built their own Clubhouse in Le Feugre in the late 1960s and they are regarded as still having one of the top Club ranges in Britain.

Many members have been through their doors down the years and the Club is proud to have had, and continues to have, top Island shooters in their midst.

Current members are enthusiastic and worthy of their place in not only Club and inter Island Club competitions but also as Island representatives in team and individual competitions against Jersey and Southampton. On occasions they have the opportunity of attending international events such as the British Championships, Commonwealth and Island Games.

Shooting is primarily a winter sport and therefore the season is mainly September through to May but at Cobo we do shoot year round. The club meets mainly on a Monday and Tuesday evening and anyone aged 12 years and over (accompanied by an adult) and interested in trying the disciplined sport of air rifle shooting is invited to make a visit to the Club premises at Le Feugre. Club equipment is available. Further details are available from John Mechem on telephone 255540 (evenings).

A Membership Application Form can be downloaded from here. Appendix 1 if required is available by clicking on this link.